Waltraut Bergmann Foundation

Grant conditions of the Waltraut Bergmann Foundation (December 2015)

1. Basic principles for approval

Funds awarded by the Waltraut Bergmann Foundation are to be used for a specific purpose. The intended use has to be specified in the application letter. The applicant is required to inform the Waltraut Bergmann Foundation in advance as to any planned changes to the intended use, to the project dates, the cost plan, and the conditions for implementation. The fund recipient is personally responsible for compliance with legal requirements and official regulations. The Waltraut Bergmann Foundation
is not liable for damages incurred by the recipient of funding or third parties that may arise from the implementation of the funded project. The Waltraut Bergmann Foundation reserves the right to revoke awards given and to reclaim funds paid if the terms of funding are not observed or if there are other
important reasons that give cause for revocation.


2. Final report and documentation

The Waltraut Bergmann Foundation should receive a project report no more than six weeks after the end of the project. This report should include all essential information as to the project's implementation and results as well as a detailed documentation. The Waltraut Bergmann Foundation reserves the right to share project results and reports with third parties without approval of the funding recipient. It may also publish results and reports, indicating the author(s). The project manager of the funding project has no claim to compensation in this case. However, important changes to the report will be agreed upon with the project manager of the funding project.

The Waltraut Bergmann Foundation accepts the claim for personnel costs. However, the allowance for personnel costs from funds of the foundation shall not exceed 15% of the total funding. The calculation of personnel costs must be transparent and economical and the amount of personnel costs must have a reasonable relationship to the nature and amount of material expenses. This decision will be made by the jury, which reviews the applicant's expenses in the context of project-related communication, applications to other supporters, partners, and third-party acquisitions.


3. Economical spending

The funds granted by the Waltraut Bergmann Foundation are to be used economically and efforts to save money should be taken whenever possible. The foundation expects that additional funds will be raised for the project and that opportunities arising in the context of the project will be taken.


4. Disbursement of funds

Funds are usually paid into a separate project account or the account of a legal entity.